6 Tips for Shopping on Black Friday

November 19th, 2015

Black Friday ImageThanksgiving is just a few short weeks away. We’ll sit down to a wonderful dinner with family and friends. We’ll enjoy spending time with each other and over eating to say the least. Once the meal is done and the dishes are put away, it will be time to prepare for Black Friday shopping.

If you’re like me, Black Friday is a tradition and it’s one we’ve enjoyed doing for the past few years. It, however, takes a lot of time to prepare. If you’re not prepared you won’t know which store to go to first and what you’ll be purchasing. I’ve been unprepared and needless to say I didn’t get what I wanted and often times ended up spending a lot more than what I wanted to just to get what my loved ones wanted for Christmas.

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a successful shopping trip on Black Friday.

1. Create a Budget

The first thing you need to do is decide how much money you’ll have to spend on Christmas. This amount will include any decorations you need to buy, the gifts, and anything else related to Christmas such as pictures, cards, and food.

2. Create a List

Once you have your budget in place, you need to create a list of all the people you’ll be buying for and how much money you’ll be spending on them. Make sure you don’t forget anyone because all that will do is cause you to spend more money than you were expecting. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Life Getting in the Way of your Business?

November 2nd, 2015

Stressed Woman ImageLife can get in the way of your business quicker than you may think. It happens regularly, but it’s not something we should stress over. Stress won’t help the situation and could possible do more harm than good in the end.

Whether you work outside the home or you run a home business, life can take over in the blink of an eye. When this happens the best thing to do is regroup and add your current situation to the mix. It’s possible the current situation is only temporary, but if that’s not the case, take the necessary actions to add what you need to in your life.

When life changes, take the time to re-evaluate your business and life in general and make changes. Eliminate those things you don’t need, organize what you do need, and do what you can to make things easier on you.

Delegating is something else you can try so you have more time in the day. There are a number of things you can delegate to others with your business and personal life. Take the list below into consideration.

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Is your “Why” Lost?

October 30th, 2015

question mark 14Working at home is very rewarding when you have your childr by your side and you’re able to make the money you need to support your family. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and it shows you’re able to stay organized and you know how to get things done.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been working at home for years, there may be times when you feel you’re not getting anything done in a day. You’re not completing your business tasks and you’re not completing your home tasks. You may feel like everything is falling apart and you don’t know what way is up. You may feel like you’re not doing things right and it’s time to call it quits.

Don’t let that happen. If you find yourself feeling this way, it’s time to stop and regroup. Sit down, do something for yourself, and start over. Go to the beginning and start over with your planning and start over with your to-do list and your schedule.

Sometimes when it doesn’t appear things are working it may be because they aren’t working. When you regroup you have the ability to think about the tasks you need to accomplish and decide if they really are necessary. You may find with your business that you’re doing tasks that aren’t helping you grow your business or you may find it’s time to hire a Virtual Assistant to help you. With your home tasks you may find it’s time to assign tasks to the children or you may find there is a better way to do them.

The most important thing to remember is the reason you’re working at home. Don’t forget your family is the top priority and don’t forget you need to keep them at the top of the list every day. Don’t lose your “why”. When you remember your why things will always fall into place and you’ll have successful days!

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Fun Halloween Activity Guide

October 23rd, 2015

Halloween Activity Guide ImageHalloween is fast approaching and for most kids the wait is terrible. They get so excited about the costume, going out to trick or treat, and eating all the wonderful candy. While putting on the costume several times a day helps a little, depending on how far ahead of time you have it that may not work for long.

WAHM-Articles created an activity guide to help your children get through the wait. Click here for access to this free activity guide. You’ll be able to print it out for your children and they’ll have pictures to color, a word scramble, and a word search to do that will keep them occupied for a while.


Are you Scared of your Blog?

October 15th, 2015

Stressed Woman ImageWhen I first started blogging I struggle because I was scared. I was scared of what people thought and I was scared nobody would read what I posted. I was scared that my posts would be too long or too short and I was scared that my content wouldn’t be something my readers would enjoy.

I had many things to learn which included how often to post, how long they should be, using a good title, using my keyword enough in the post, and if it was acceptable to post personal things in my business blog. It was almost too much for me and I almost gave up before I started, but then things changed and I decided to push through these struggles and try anyway.

The first thing I learned is my blog is just that… my blog. I have the power and control to do what I want how I want, and when I want and nobody and tell me I’m doing it wrong. I learned each blog is different and that’s what makes the unique and perfect. No matter what I do it will always be mine and that’s all there is to it.

I stopped being scared and I published what I want. I decided how often I posted was up to me and my schedule and I decided if I wanted to post a picture with three words, that’s what I would do. I was the one and only person to have control over my blog and I wasn’t going to let fear run it for me anymore.

Once the fear was gone I enjoyed my blog. I found I love to write, but when life gets in the way I’m not worried because I know it will be there when I get back to it. There are no blog rules and that makes blogging perfect.

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Did you Forget to Eat Lunch?

September 24th, 2015

Year planningDepending on the type of person you are, you may find the only way to accomplish anything in a day is to use a calendar and plan your day out to the minute. While that doesn’t work for everyone, there are a lot of people that must do it this way or they won’t reach success.

If you are this way or you have in-person, phone calls, or trainings you put on in a day, the only way to make sure you remember what you have to do is put it on a calendar. You can use an online calendar like Google Calendar or you can use a paper calendar that sits in front of you on your desk.

Planning your day like a doctor does with patience’s will work and you’ll be less likely to forget something you have to do on any given day. One thing that’s important to include in your calendar is breaks. If you must take a break during mid-morning and mid-afternoon to clear your head so you can continue to focus, it’s a good idea to schedule them so you don’t book yourself solid from start to finish.

Here are a few things to consider adding to your calendar each day.

1. Coffee Break
2. Lunch Break
3. Exercise Time
4. Email Time
5. Writing Time
6. Family Time

As you can see from this short list, there are a number of things you may need to get in during a day. Adding these to your calendar doesn’t mean you are a terrible and forgetful person, it just means you’re very busy and want to be organized, prepared, and successful.

Don’t be afraid or feel stupid to schedule your day like a doctor. It’s better to do what you need to do so you have time to eat lunch or exercise than it is to overbook yourself and forget to do something important.

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Have you Lost your Motivation?

September 23rd, 2015

keyboard with -motivate- buttonMotivation is something we all need on a daily basis, but there are times when it can be lost. That can happen when you’re tired, lost, or frustrated and when those things happen in life, it’s hard to find a way to get the motivation back. During this time nothing gets done and we fall further and further behind on what we need to do at home and in our business.

Depending on the reason you lost your motivation, it may take a little while to get it back or it may come back right away. It will also depend on why you lost it as to what it will take to get it back. Some reasons, like a death in the family make it harder for it to come back then say a lack of sleep for a few days due to a sick child.

The best thing to do when you lose your motivation is to take a day or two to rest and to think about your life and what you strive to achieve. Sometimes taking this time is exactly what you need to get it back.

If, after a few days of relaxation, your motivation doesn’t come back, then it’s time to kick it in high gear and dig deep to find out what it will take to make it come back. Write down what’s on your mind and see if you can find out what’s on your mind. Take a walk along the beach or in your neighbor and think about what you want to achieve in the next few weeks and months.

When you’re done with your walk, sit down and write out all things you thought about while you were out. Think about the reasons you lost your motivation to begin with and see what you need to do to eliminate those and add your goals into your day.

Sometimes the reason we lose our motivation is because we are always on the go and we never take time for ourselves and sometimes the reason is because we’re tired of doing the same things day in and day out. When you know what these things are, then you can begin to make changes. Eliminate or begin to eliminate those things and start adding the things you want to do to each day. You’ll find when you work through these things, the motivation will come back and you’ll begin to enjoy life again.

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Are your Finances Stressing you Out?

September 21st, 2015

investing moneyDealing with your finances is not an easy task. They can be frustrating and stressful to say the least. If you have more bills than money at the end of the month or if something major comes up, figuring out what to change can feel impossible.

There are many things you can do to save money. Some can help right away while others will only help over time. If time is not something you have on your side, it may not be worth it to do those things at this time. Instead you should focus on what can give you more money now, rather than later.

One thing you may not think about, but is costing you more money than you think is your grocery bill. Here are a few things to think about.

1. Did you know while you may think it’s cheaper to go out to eat, in reality it’s not? The average cost per meal at a fast food restaurant is $8. Depending on what you fix at home, the average cost is $3. Over time that $5 difference will add up.

2. Shopping daily is costing you more money than you think. When you buy things like hamburger and chicken in bulk you save money. When you buy a pound of hamburger or a 4 pack of chicken each day you’re going to pay more than you would if you buy a 3 pound pack of hamburger or an 8 pack of chicken. The more you buy the less per pound you pay. It may appear to be more, but when you take the cost per pound into consideration, it is less.

There are other things you can do to save money at the grocery store like using coupons, planning meals around what’s on sale, planning meals that give you leftovers that can be used for another dinner meal or for lunch the next day, and making a cheap meal like taco’s or spaghetti instead of something that has a lot of ingredients. Most of these things will take a little time and planning, but in the end the money you save will be worth it.

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Free Book Friday: FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

September 18th, 2015

FaithLeaps - The Christian Moms Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business ImageToday is Free Book Friday and the free Kindle book I want to share with you is called FaithLeaps: The Christian Mom’s Guide to Starting a Virtual Assistant Business.

This book is written by my very good friend Alyssa Avant who is a Christian mom blogger and author. I’ve known Alyssa for many years and she’s a wonderful person. I enjoy reading her posts and the other book she wrote a few years ago and I know you’ll love her new book, just as much as I do.

In this book, Alyssa shares with you why she decided to start a Virtual Assistant business and how you can start one yourself. Her passion is to help other Christian mom’s start a Virtual Assistant business and to be successful just like her.

She walks you through step by step how to get started and what to avoid. She’s been through it all so she knows where she went wrong and she willingly explains those to you so you don’t start off on the wrong foot.

This book is offered in the Kindle version and is free right now, but you’ll want to get your copy right away as this free offer will end soon. Click here to download your copy today.


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Money Management: Tips for Creating a Budget

September 17th, 2015

Money ImageHow many times have you sat down to pay your bills when the paycheck comes in and can’t figure out which ones to pay? When that happens you have to look at everything you have so far and decide which ones are due first and which ones you have enough money to pay. What happens if you get a bill a day or two later and that one needs to be paid right then? You don’t have the money to do that so it will be late.

To prevent this situation from happening the best solution is to take the time to look at all of your bills for the month and decide where you can pay them so it works in your budget and you get them paid on time. Here’s what I do each month.

I gathered all of my bills and on an Excel spreadsheet I documented the monthly payment and the due date. When I was all down I sorted the spreadsheet by due date so it was easier to tell when they were due. Next I looked at the calendar and I made note on the sheet when my paydays were for that month. Then I started moving bills around to each payday, so the bills were paid on time. Next I started calculating how much the total amount was for each payday and then started moving things around again if I was over or under on each payday. The final product allowed me to see what bills were going to be paid with each payday.

Click here to finish the article.